Are you a coder or a developer?

Are you a coder or a developer?

This article has very interesting reactions in the comment section. And is worth analysing.

The main criticism in my humble opinion is that the ideas of this article are exposed as a general truth (I think the author uses this style to suscite reactions and so his ideas are challenged).

Stop chatting, start coding

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In Stop chatting, start coding, Yegor Bugayenko talks about his way to add value, efficiency and transparency in communication and deliverables in the context of eXtremely Distributed Software Development (XDSD) . We have to keep this context in mind because I don't think this methodology can be used in every context. I have never practiced XDSD personnaly and I will not assume the author generalizes his topic to every other méthodology. For me, he is just talking about XDSD. However, I think there may be some ideas worth to considerate even in other contextes. I will be subjective and talking from my experience as an employee working in collocated team.

Let's explore the ideas the author exposes.

Pay for publicly available work

The first principle of eXtremely Distributed Software Development (XDSD) states that "everyone gets paid for verified deliverables." This literally means that, in order to get paid, every programmer has to write the code, commit it to the repository, pass a code review and make sure the code is merged into the destination branch.

He does not pay contributors at hourly rate but per task. A task can be code source reviewed,accepted and merged into appropriate branch, but it can also be reporting and issue and contributing to resolve this issue.

Yegor illustrate this workflow by an example of an issue publicly available on one github project

In the comment section, Yagor points to a video where he explains how he estimates and motivate. ### TODO : watch and comment if necessary ###