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Hi! I am Marc, Software Craftsman. I am always learning to improve my craft and trying new ways to add value to products.

Build layered Docker images with Spring Boot 2.3.1

Since Spring Boot 2.3.1, layered application layout is supported.

External rss feed in your Gridsome site

In this article, we will create a list of last posts from an external Rss feed in a gridsome site.

Mapping CSV file with multiline Strings to Java Object with Spring Batch

Parse CSV file that contains multiline strings. Spring Batch allows us to make this task easier.

Building a simple static URL shortener with Gridsome & GitLab

This is the making of, a simple static URL shortener made with Gridsome and actionned with Gitlab CI

Heuristics everywhere!

Quit thinking with rules, laws and principles but with heuristics. A list of resources on this topic.

Premier meetup Software Crafters Strasbourg

Prise de notes lors du premier meetup Software Crafters Strasbourg

Install adr-tools on windows with git bash

Guide to install adr-tools command line to automate ADR creation on windows with git bash.

Custom Hamcrest closeTo matcher

A practical hamcrest matcher `closeTo` to know if a date is close to another (of the same type). Supports `java.util.Date`, `java.time.LocalDateTime`, `java.time.ZonedDateTime`, `java.time.OffsetDataTime`. No dependencies other than hamcrest.

Reset and revert with GIT

Some commands that allow to go back in time with git.

Building an application with Nuxt

Nuxt is a wrapper of vueJs that allows to quickly bootstrapping web aplication using convention over configuration.

Use firebase to build scalable app without managing infrasctucture

Quote from google : Firebase gives you functionality like analytics, databases, messaging and crash reporting so you can move quickly and focus on your users.

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Simple chat with VueJS & Rocket.Chat

A minimalistic real time chat made with VueJS and Rocket.Chat API

Mob programming (French)

Une journée en Mob programming lightweight blocking and non-blocking IO

Undertow is a lightweight java web server from JBoss. It is supported by Spring Boot 1.5.10. It supports Web SOcket (JSR-356), Servlet 3.1.

Are you a coder or a developer?

This article has very interesting reactions in the comment section. And is worth analysing.

Pimp up your resume

Pimp-up your resume

Apache Isis - Domain driven applications

Apache Isis proposes an approach to build applications centered around domain objects.

OpenLiberty fast and flexible JavaEE server

Open liberty is an open source IBM JavaEE server. It promises to allow building Cloud native apps & mirco-services.

The rise of WebComponents

More and more companies propose WebComponents based elements.

ClojureScript + VueJs, Is it possible for now?

Can I use browser feature?

I found a nice site allowing to know if I can use some feature in any browser :

Resources for learning LISP and Clojure

Here are some resources to understand and learn LISP & Clojure.

Building a blog with Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Some resources to help building a blog like this one with Jekyll and GitHub pages.

Node-red as an IFTTT on Raspberry Pi

Node-REDis a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

Cgroup support backported in java 8

TLDR; -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseCGroupMemoryLimitForHeap