# Javascript

Loading Json runtime configuration with VueJs 3 Plugin and fetch in TypeScript

Sometimes, it is useful to load data at runtime without building and bundling again an application. This proposition is a way among others do to so.

Devoxx - Why are we still writing javascript? (French)

Devoxx 2018. Mais alors pourquoi encore coder en JavaScript ? (W. Goedel)

VueJs now provides a cookbook

VueJS now provides a cookbook to show some ways to build a application.

Get code of event listener present on DOM object on webkit browsers

In webkit based browsers, you can get informations about added event listener using getEventListeners(domObject).

Technology digest march 12th 2018

In this blog post, Shawn McKay first explains some caracteristics of state management in frontend applications and how Redux tries to solve it.

Integrate vuejs in existing JSF application

In this post we will see how to integrate some vueJs application using JSF and Spring Rest Controller as backend.

Tech digest 2018-03-01

How technology stopped being innovation, The cost of javascript, Power use of Value Objects in DDD.

Multiplatform applications with Kotlin 1.2

Kotlin 1.2 introduces kotlin multiplatform to share code for different targets.

Can I use browser feature?

I found a nice site allowing to know if I can use some feature in any browser : caniuse.com